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Garage Door Spring Repair

Most people fail to realize the importance of garage door spring repairs.

Garage door springs are the salient functions of your door and play a proficient task in closing and unlocking the door. Choosing a high durable garage door with good quality is one of the best investments you can secure. Nevertheless, even the best garage doors require regular maintenance of its springs and instruments, to ensure a smooth run. Replacement of broken, rusted, or bent springs is one of the most common services requested.

Garage Door Spring Lubrication

While considering a spring to be installed or repaired, one must know the types of springs available to find the garage door’s best match. In general, there are two well-known types of springs, torsion and extension spring.

Extension Springs is the older spring system that expands to its length when used. At the same time, Extension Spring needs additional hardware and cables to be installed. A Torsion Spring is the new and safer spring system that turns when putting into action. 

Torsion Springs are known to last longer in comparison to the extension Springs and provide better balance.

If there is a breakage, the extension spring might detach and fall off, causing an injury or an accident. While the torsion spring stays attached to its tube, further preventing any damage to you or your door.

Whatever type of spring your garage door consists of, its primary goal is to open and close the door, and regular maintenance of the spring is essential, as it helps keep the door sturdy.

Service Provided

At Local Garage Door Repairs Houston, we provide a wide range of services for each garage door component to help choose the best. For better understanding, we have listed out the services below.