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Garage Door Maintenance service

Call us for all types of garage door maintenance services. The technicians at Local Garage Door Repair Houston are certified and trained in all aspects of repairing garage doors. We assure you that our maintenance services keep your garage door at its peak performance. Maintenance is paramount for parts such as torsion springs, cables, rollers, door openers, tracks, hinges, and door panels since they are vulnerable to wear and tear over time.

garage door opener

It is unpleasant to hear about injuries from garage doors, therefore, safety is very necessary which can only be achieved with a maintenance plan. Several heavy components are equipped under much tension to build a garage door. Trouble spotted beforehand like the fraying of cables or broken springs can prevent dangerous and deadly mishaps.

We are a 24-hour garage door repair company experienced in performing a safety inspection of your garage door. When visiting your garage door for maintenance, our team performs a visual inspection, sprays lubricants on parts, and tests whether there is much effort or resistance to lifting the door.

Professional Garage Door Inspection

Before we offer you a maintenance plan, here’s what our team does during the professional inspection of your garage door: