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Garage Door Cable Repair

When people often ask somebody what they think is the most crucial part of a garage door, people reply that it is the opener. However, in reality, the often ignored components that also play a significant role in making the garage door function smooth and effortless are the springs and cables. Moreover, these Springs connect to the drum of a garage door over which the cables operate.

There are two lifting cables, one for each side of the garage door. Even if one of the cables is said to break or is of the wrong size, it would create an imbalance, which would affect the garage door’s opening and closing.

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The garage door cables are fixed depending on what types of springs the garage door uses.

One type we have is the Lift cables in garage doors with torsion springs. In this arrangement, the cables are attached to the door’s bottom corners and routed to the torsion springs located above the door.

On the other hand, garage doors with extension springs use Retaining cables. In this model, the cables are present inside the springs, which work vertically along the garage door’s left and right sides.

Both are heavy-duty twisted cables consisting of several strands of plated wire. They usually run for ages without incident, but problems such as broken bearings in a pulley, unnecessary moisture near the bottom of the garage door, or poor track alignment may quicken corrosion, oxidation, and wear.

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Therefore, it is essential to have professional advice before choosing the length or type of cable for a garage door.