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Composite Overlay Garage Doors

At local garage doors repair Houston, we offer you the latest Composite Overlay Garage Doors from Woodland Creek, in cities Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

Woodland creek manufactures are well known for their quality of Composite Overlay garage doors with overall expertise of more than 100+ years of service.

Composite Overlay Garage Doors

Composite Overlay Garage Door is Polystyrene insulated pressure-bonded with sandwich-type construction between two sheets of hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Composite Overlay Finish

A finishing touch is made by attaching chemicals to the surface.

20 Gauge Hot Dipped Steel Hinge Plates

Electroplated steel joint plates run for the full length of each section, at all hinge areas, and aid the attachment of hinges, handles, etc.

Features include:

Local Garage Door Repairs Houston provides salient Features of Composite Overlay Garage Doors