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A Brief Guide to Carriage Garage Doors

Fancies some garage owners are the rustic charm of the garage door, and some gush over the modern appeal where there’s a convenience of an overhead-opening door. Luckily, carriage garage doors come with these commonly desired elements. Be it to match with your perfect new construction or just be a replacement to the old one, carriage garage doors are apt in both cases. Check the interesting range of models of the said garage doors on Local Garage Door Repairs Houston and enhance your home’s exterior by giving it a curb appeal.

carriage garage doors

The journey of Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors, also known as barn-style garage doors are from the era of carriage houses, which were built to settle horse-drawn carriages. Well, who travels via horse-carriages in the time of modern, electric vehicles? But keeping carriage garage doors is certainly a way to retain the charm of the bygone era to your house if you like to preserve historic appeal.

Natural finishes are still a thumbs-up for these garage doors as they were originally crafted from wood. To be more specific, faux wood with the ultra-grain finish is quite popular among garage owners. If you are the one looking for a “country-style” look for your garage door then you may choose a painted white finish door with crossbuck panels. There are plenty of other options available, for example, custom paint and stain options that could complement every home’s design beautifully.

To boot, windows play a vital role in keeping the beauty of the garage door lively. Apart from the natural tones of the wood finishes, carriage garage doors with windows provide natural light through it keeping it more eye-pleasing. From a simple plain glass look to a precise artistic edgy design, windows for carriage garage doors come in a myriad of styles and shapes to give it a perfect blend.

Let’s talk about the cost!  

There are certain factors on which the price of carriage garage doors depend. It could be what materials used, what is the level of insulation of the garage door, and what are market prices around your area. Natural wood is naturally priced higher than composite materials. However, many garage owners think that investing in high-quality material is necessary as they want the life of the garage door to be as long as it could be.

Buy Carriage Garage Doors at Local Garage Door Repairs Houston

Let there be no doubt that carriage garage doors are durable yet appeal well to the eyes. If you love the way they present themselves, it’s time to get them home and enhance the exterior look of your abode. Browse some aesthetically appealing designs of carriage garage doors at Local Garage Door Repairs Houston. If you’re searching for a team of technicians for your garage door repairs, contact us now and talk to one of our specialists for a quick assessment.

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