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Garage Door Types: Single Panel v/s Sectional

One of the important things to keep in mind when installing a new garage door is its type. Garage doors are primarily of two types – Single panel and sectional. While sectional garage doors have separate sections, single panels are the ones with one large piece. Sectional garage doors are more in demand owing to more eye-appealing designs. That doesn’t imply single panel doors are any less than them. Let’s understand the factors helpful in buying these garage doors.

  1. Price: For many garage owners, price is the deciding factor and it should be as buying a garage door is a significant investment. The scarcity of single panel garage doors drives up their prices a bit more. However, they are less-priced than the sectional doors. A single panel garage door created with the same materials as the sectional door has a much lower price. If you are into installing the garage door on your own, go for the single panel one as it has fewer parts to manage plus you don’t have to make a deep slit in your pockets.
  2. Appearance: Both the garage doors don’t leave any stones unturned when it comes to the styling factor. There is a myriad of designs and materials available for sectional and single panel garage doors. However, the layout of sectional doors is such that they have a design that aligns with the segment that makes the garage door work. On the other hand, single panel garage doors have a single segment and there are many design options in this category. Garage owners with old homes often go for the single panel door to keep the vintage look intact.
  3. Function: As we have seen that single panel doors can be installed on your own, they obviously don’t come with high-tech features. Sectional garage doors have more modern features. Also, they are safe due to the lack of extension springs which demand more maintenance. Extension springs, if not maintained properly, can lead to accidents or can break or let burglars in. Sectional garage doors are intense weather-friendly too.

Scenarios in which you should buy sectional and single panel garage doors

The widely popular varieties of garage doors have their own pros and cons. Here’s when you should buy sectional garage doors:

  • When the space requirements are small
  • When you want to keep it long-lasting
  • When you don’t prefer timely maintenance
  • When you want to see a large variety to choose from

Scenarios in which single panel garage doors are good to consider:

  • When you opt for a DIY to install the garage door
  • When you want to give your home a vintage look
  • When your budget is tight

Installing a residential garage door is not a piece of cake hence choosing the right one and taking care of all the considerations is paramount. Interested in knowing about installing garage doors? Call Local Garage Door Repairs Houston and speak to our skilled technicians about the same. If you’re facing any trouble with any of your garage door parts, contact our garage door repair company to fix all your issues in the minimum time.

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