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A quick guide to garage door spring repair

One of the most important parts of a garage door that may come in small size is the spring. The size may fool you at first into believing what problem the small springs will bring. But this hardware component can be a big trouble baby that is far too great to handle. Garage door springs operate the opening and closing of the garage door. A broken garage door spring needs to get professional care before the arrival of a dire situation. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to all you need to know about garage door spring repair.

*Types of Garage Door Springs*

The two common types of garage door springs are extension and torsion. Both are designed to counterbalance the garage door weighing 150 pounds or more while it opens and closes. Massive mechanical energy is required to create, sort, and release this task. This is an ongoing process as it happens every time the door is opened or closed. Of both spring types, torsion is widely used for residential and commercial garage doors. It’s because,

  • They require fewer parts
  • They do not extend completely during operation
  • They can be controlled
  • They move in steady motion
  • They don’t require frequent maintenance

*What is the job of the garage door spring?*

The weight of a garage door is impossible for a normal adult to carry. As they are between 130 and 150 pounds or even more, the involvement of a spring (typically torsion) to uplift them is required. The spring over the door acts against the gravitational forces that make the door lifting easier.

The springs tightened on an automatic garage door reduces the load of the motor. This also diminishes the wear and tear of the hardware. On the manual front, the spring reduces the pressure on the person’s back, thereby reducing injuries. 

*How to identify broken garage door springs?*

The identification of broken garage door springs is easy. They are either stretched thin or torn apart. Hence, a monthly visual check on them is necessary. Some common loopholes you’ll witness are the off-balancing door, the door opening a few inches and gets stopped or it doesn’t open at all.

IMPORTANT: Call a garage door repair professional immediately if these issues are evident.

It’s a complete technical job that is to be done by a professional garage door repair company as it may require the replacement of both the springs. It doesn’t matter if spring fails as the other will wear in a few short months, weeks, or maybe days. A repair done by garage door repair professionals saves a lot of maintenance costs for you in the near future. Therefore, opting this for minimal inconveniences is a thumbs-up.

*Choose Garage Door Repair Houston*

A DIY project to change springs is a big no and it’s paramount to contact a professional for the same. Choose Garage Door Repair Houston for an experienced service for your garage door repair needs. From installation to maintenance to repair, we offer services performed by highly skilled servicemen. For more information, visit localgaragedoorrepairshouston.com

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