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Here’s why garage door rollers need constant care

One of the main components that make the functioning of the garage door smooth is the garage door roller. Visible on the sides of the garage door, the rollers are wheels that move along the metal tracks of the door. They lift the door and open it by sliding up the track until there’s a complete retraction. The process is reversed when the door closes. What keeps them away from jerking or making excessive noise is the lubrication well applied. Proper maintenance doesn’t call for a garage door roller repair very often.

Factors that cause the garage door rollers to wear out:

  • Climate: Metal gets rusty in the rainy weather. Exposure to rain makes metal rust. On the contrary, stainless steel stands tough against rainy weather.
  • Utilization: The more you open and close the garage door, the less the longevity of the rollers will be. Frequent exercising cut down the life of rollers. Ideally, they last for 12 years, however, if they work for so many cycles, you may need to replace them early.
  • Maintenance: A machine always works better if it’s maintained the best. For the rollers to work efficiently, it’s their maintenance that you need to work on. A quick check on the tracks can save bigger problems as you can catch (if any) them way before getting them bigger.
  • Debris deposit: One of the causes that hamper the functioning of garage door rollers is the collection of debris in the tracks. Not only does it make the roller jam but increase its noise too. Adding lubricant to the tracks reduces noise. Contact any garage door repair shops near your area to get it.

How long does the garage door roller last?

Garage door rollers usually come under three materials: Plastic, nylon, and steel. Of them, steel serves the utmost durability. The drawback of it is that it comes under a heavy price tag and makes more noise. Nylon is the most cost-effective material for the garage door rollers but fails when it comes to durability. Plastic is less pricey and less durable when compared with the other two.

Garage doors rollers made of steel and nylon may live a life between 15 and 20 years; the ones which are made of plastic, however, stop working before that.

Check for the need of new garage door rollers

The need for the new garage door roller is determined when the door is disconnected from the automatic opener. When you manually pull the opener to open and close the garage door, you’ll see how much drag is there and if it happens to be too much, it’s time to call a professional garage door repair company to get it replaced. When it comes to installing the garage door roller, it’s recommended to contact skilled technicians and not try to do it yourself. A roller installed incorrectly will imbalance the door and can hurt anyone.

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